About Us

Founded in 1988, Burgess Group is an industry leader engaged in building commissioning and construction claim and defect resolution. Our staff expertise is based upon decades of experience in the construction industry, ranging from basic tasks to project management, time, cost and quality control of multimillion dollar contracts and companies.

The Denver Airport
The Denver Airport

We are small enough to devote attention to simple problems but have the resources to deal with very large and complex projects.

Our philosophy is “make the complex simple.” From change order preparation to formal presentation of an owner’s or contractor’s position, we strive to simplify large complex construction cases.

We are contractors first and engineers second. This enables us to view problems from the construction industry’s perspective, not merely a technical or theoretical position.

This has three advantages:

  1. It’s the real world. We view problems with a high quality end product in mind and a “how can we make it work” perspective that is so common to the “can-do” attitude present at a construction site.
  2. We speak from experience. Our staff has managed difficult projects on every level. Burgess Group’s collective knowledge of the construction industry practices and culture allows us to see beyond the technical to the real issues.
  3. Practical solutions. Burgess Group calls upon their experience and can-do attitude to propose practical and reality-based solutions that get results. Not just “how it ought to be” answers but “this has been our experience and it worked” resolutions.